Tanjia Spoons

If you ask us, there isn't a cooking tool out there that can beat the wooden spoon — an impressive feat, considering it's been around in some form since the beginning of cooking itself. This is one of those cases where the original doesn't need much improvement. That's why we went back to the basics with our stunningly simple Tanjia Spoons.


Inspired by customary hand-carved spoons we came across while wandering through the medina quarter of Marrakech, we worked with a local Moroccan artisan to design a collection of our own. The result? A distinctive set that melds time-honored carving techniques with fresh, updated forms. With long, tapered handles and bowls that range in shape from barely-there to ladle-like, these unique spoons are everything we love about traditional North African workmanship — made ready for the modern serveware collection.


A workhorse in the kitchen, there's a Tanjia Spoon for every task you can think of, from stirring to sautéing to sneaking a sample taste. But with their chic, rounded bowls and elegant handles, they're equally worthy of a spot on the dining table. Crafted from beautifully grained walnut wood, they're perfect for adding a warm, organic element to any tablescape — especially welcome next to all that cool marble and brass we can't stop collecting.