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Philae Candle

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Crafted by legendary Parisian candle manufacturer Cire Trudon, the Philae Candle combines ancient Egyptian influences with classic winter fragrances to create an enchantingly unique holiday candle. Greek for “the end,” Philae is named for an island on the Nile that marks the southernmost limit of Egypt— the location of a temple dedicated to the goddess Isis, built by one of the last pharaohs. Hand-dripped from high-quality vegetable wax following centuries-old methods employed since the reign of Louis XIV, it’s carefully scented with notes of cistus blossoms, pepper, cedarwood, labdanum, musk and vetiver to create an intoxicating fragrance that evokes the timeless papyrus books and manuscripts made from the native plants that surround the island. Adding to Philae’s festive feel, this luxe candle is poured into a handcrafted glass jar with a muted cream exterior and a luminous gold leaf interior. The perfect gift— or, more indulgently, gift to self— it’s housed in a beautiful box printed with hieroglyphic symbols in metallic silver.

•approximately 55 - 60 hour burn time
•high-quality vegetable wax
•handmade glass jar with gold leaf interior and matte cream exterior
•enchanting blend of cistus blossoms, pepper, cedarwood, labdanum, musk and vetiver
•france's oldest manufacturer of candles

•3.5" diameter x 4.25"H
•9.5 oz


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