Vintage African Wedding Baskets

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Our Vintage African Wedding Baskets are rich in texture and tradition. These distinctive beauties are individually handwoven from the roots of the Makenge bush— a sustainable species that grows throughout the floodplains of Zambia’s Mongu region. Once cut and peeled, the interior of the root is boiled and dyed using natural plant dyes to create sturdy fibers in tonal brown hues. According to a centuries-old marriage custom, these baskets were gifted to a bride by her mother or mother-in-law on her wedding day as a symbol of family and the ancestors who came before. The bride would use it in her new home for winnowing grains and other daily tasks until her own daughter’s wedding, when the heirloom would be passed down again. Any imperfections were lovingly and artistically repaired with coarse maize husks, preserving each basket for future generations while also adding unique details. Perfect on the coffee table for a global touch, we love our African Wedding Baskets even more hung on the wall in multiples for a one-of-a-kind display.

•handwoven using roots of the makenge bush following traditional methods
•originally used for winnowing grains
•repaired with maize husks
•each is unique

•small: approximately 13.5" diameter x 2.25"H
•medium: approximately 18.5" diameter x 3.5"H
•large: approximately 23.25" diameter x 5"H
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