Echo Double Blanket

Ward off winter’s chill with our unbelievably soft Echo Blanket. Coming to us from the Jujuy province of Argentina’s remote northwest, this throw is handcrafted from start to finish by a local family of artisans using baby llama wool, hand-sheared from their own herd. These carefully selected fibers are hand-spun and woven on traditional looms by two craftswomen to create two narrow panels, which are hand-stitched together and finished with fringed edges. Echo’s blend of undyed and naturally dyed wool give it a subtle, muted hue that fits in with any space. Lightweight yet warm, it’s great for curling up with all year round and makes a lovely layer on the sofa or bed when not in use.

•100% baby llama wool
•natural dyes
•hand-spun and loomed following traditional weaving techniques
•made by a local family of artisans in the jujuy province of northern argentina
•each is unique

•approximately 52" x 80"
•approximately 9" fringe

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