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For much of his life, spice packets and prepackaged crispy shells were all that chef Alex Stupak knew of tacos. It wasn't until after he had established himself as a modernist pastry chef that he began experimenting on the side with flavors and spices from south of the border. This interest grew into a love of Mexican cuisine that resulted in Stupak's smash-hit New York City restaurant, Empell n Taqueria. In Tacos: Recipes and Provocations, Stupak has teamed up with veteran food writer Jordana Rothman to share page after page of recipes, both traditional go-tos and creative concoctions with ingredients you'd never find in Mexico, accompanied by mouthwatering photographs. Beginning with a list of must-haves for the Mexican pantry, you'll find recipes for flavored riffs on tortillas, an arsenal of both simple and complex salsas and an array of taco fillings, from classics like pork carnitas to modern spins like buffalo chicken wings with crumbled blue cheese. Tacos: Recipes and Provocations will forever change the way you make— and think about— tacos.


•7.75" x 10"
•by Alex Stupak and Jordana Rothman
•photographs by Evan Sung
•240 pages
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