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Cedar Smudge Bundle Cedar Smudge Bundle
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"I have been smudging in my home for several years now, so I can attest that it does create a palpable shift, both scientific and spiritual. While every culture and region of the world seems to have a preferred dried plant for their cleansing ritual, these two are my top favorites — and they both offer a different, very specific vibe. Sage has such a fresh feel that to me is so calming and cleansing. And don’t listen to the skeptics — according to science, it actually does cleanse the air! Cedar I find perfect for the winter months. Burning it reminds me that life and growth is happening, even in the dark, cold days of winter. Perfect for ushering fresh starts, either one would make a meaningful New Year’s gift!" - Caroline

•approximately 7.5" long
•quartz crystal charm

•approximately 8" long
•dried sage
•gold quartz crystal charm
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