Seventies Glamour

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In Seventies Glamour, Hollywood photo historian David Willis showcases the most conflicted and controversial decade in pop culture history — glamorous yet grotesque, disco vs. punk, highbrow fashion and low-life passion. Gorgeously reproduced, the photos in Seventies Glamour are as diverse as the decade they portray. The collection celebrates images from the runway and the silver screen, the concert stage and the nightclub dance floor. Pat Cleveland, one of the great models of the time is featured, as well an image from the movie Eyes of Laura Mars, the book’s cover photograph. Homage is paid to the Rolling Stones, David Bowie and the hedonistic Studio 54. There’s Yves Saint Laurent and Hugh Hefner. For those who lived the decade, Seventies Glamour is a trip down memory lane. For everyone else, it is a beautiful photographic testament to a bygone era.


•9.5"W x 1.5"D x 11.75"H
•by David Willis
•304 pages
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