Buyer’s Picks

Our eclectic collection of wares doesn’t just come together on its own. It’s all thanks to the combined talents of Caroline Scheeler and Devin Kirk. With years of experience and thousands of frequent flyer miles under their belts, this duo travels the world to bring the most inspired furnishings and accessories back to Jayson Home.

Vetiver Baskets

Bring the outdoors in with these one-of-a-kind beauties.

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Piecework Puzzles

Make the most of staying home with these indoor classics.

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Finley Vases

Bring a layer of soul to your space with these old favorites.

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Ikat Trays

Bring something new to the table with one-of-a-kind global-inspired serveware.

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Ila Collection

Inspired by the intangible magic of a shared meal, our ILA Collection is sure to make any dish you serve a little more special.

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Tanjia Spoons

Mixing traditional Moroccan artistry with chic, modern shapes, these stunningly simple spoons are just what your serveware collection is missing.

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Artist's Block Set

We all get a little stuck now and then. Our Artists Block Set might just be the perfect way to get those creative juices flowing again.

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African Tribal Textiles

With vibrant hues and geometric designs, our collection of colorful, handmade kente cloths make things a little happier wherever they go. Their regal origins are pretty cool, too.

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Teak Root Tables

We weren’t expecting to find these one-of-a-kind, statement-making tables on a stopover in Jakarta, but we sure are glad that we did. Sculptural and organic, they look good just about anywhere.

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Milo Teak Tables

Organic, free-form shapes meet clean, modern lines. Each one of these topography-rich tables is totally unique.

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Selenite Fireplace Logs

Take your hearth from cold to cool. Icy and sculptural, these logs make for a sleek presentation in any fireplace.

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Feather Prints

We’re always fans of the everyday becoming extraordinary, which is probably why we love these Feather Prints. Whether you’re drawn to organic or graphic, simple or detailed, we’ve found that they look good almost anywhere.

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Astier de Villatte Candles

Featuring sublime scents inspired by far-flung locales, the Astier de Villatte Candle Collection will take you on a sensory world tour. Where to first?

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Our Buyers

Caroline Scheeler

Part bowerbird, part gypsy at heart, scouring the globe in search of inspired merchandise comes naturally to Caroline. With a well-rounded list of influences and strong hunter-gatherer instincts, she’s been shaping Jayson Home’s soulful selection of furniture and accessories for over two decades.

Devin Kirk

Design-obsessed with an eye for the uncommon, Devin is all about following his instincts. For the past fifteen years, his go-with-your-gut sense of style has sent him to every corner of the earth in search of one-of-a-kind wares to bring back to Jayson Home.