Lunar Throw

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Bring global vibes to your sofa or bed with our Lunar Throw. This lightweight textile is handcrafted in a small village in northern India by local craftspeople using customary methods that have nearly been lost to modern mass production practices. First in this centuries-old process, each blanket is woven on a traditional handloom using raw, unbleached cotton. It’s then dyed a dark taupe hue using a unique dye made from iron fermented in gram flour and a type of South Asian cane sugar known as jaggery. Inspired by traditional mud stamping techniques, its moon-like pattern is hand-applied using a carved wood stamp. The end result would be perfect as a layer on the bed or draped over the sofa for a touch of that world-traveler feel. We think it would also be lovely as a one-of-a-kind tablecloth. Due to their handmade nature, no two of our Lunar Throws are exactly alike.

•approximately 57" x 91.5"
•100% natural, unbleached cotton
•woven on vintage handlooms following traditional methods
•unique taupe dye made from iron bars fermented in a mixture of gram flour and cane sugar
•hand stamped pattern created using traditional mud stamping techniques
•colors may be affected by washing
•each is unique
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