Indigo Batik Pillow - 20" Square

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Our Vintage Indigo Batik Pillow is constructed from a textile made by the ethnic minority Miao people of southern China. Handwoven cotton fabric is resist-dyed, a method using wax, starch or mud to prevent the natural indigo dye from penetrating the cloth. We've backed this fabric in a natural linen and added a hidden zipper and down and feather insert.

•20" x 20"
•handwoven cotton fabric
•handmade by the ethnic minority miao people of southern china
•resist-dyed with natural indigo
•backed in natural linen
•knife edges
•hidden zipper closure
•down and feather insert

Each of our Indigo Batik Pillows is one-of-a-kind and variations should be expected. Please make a note at checkout or send us an email if you would like to receive photos of available options.

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