Indigo Batik Bolster Pillow

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We’ve got a thing for blue and our extra-long Indigo Batik Bolster Pillows are no exception. These plush lumbar pillows are covered with vintage resist-dyed batik textiles, crafted by Miao women in southern China’s Nanling Mountains. Following ancient methods that date back to the Han Dynasty, skilled artisans use melted bees’ wax to decorate these handwoven cotton fabrics with intricate geometric patterns and stylized floral designs. These textiles are then soaked in natural, deep indigo dye, which saturates everything but these hand-drawn designs, and boiled to remove the wax. We’ve paired them with a coordinating neutral linen backing, a hidden zipper closure and a soft down and feather insert. It’s perfect for bringing boho-chic vibe to a solid colored sofa or bed.

•48" x 13.5"
•handwoven cotton fabric
•handmade by the ethnic minority miao people of southern china
•resist-dyed with natural indigo
•backed in natural linen
•knife edges
•hidden zipper closure
•down and feather insert

Each of our Indigo Batik Bolster Pillows is one-of-a-kind and variations should be expected. Please make a note at checkout or send us an email if you would like to receive photos of available options.

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