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ILA Peruvian Pink Salt ILA Peruvian Pink Salt
ILA Sel de Guerande ILA Sel de Guerande
ILA Sonoma Sea Salt ILA Sonoma Sea Salt
ILA Black Lava Salt ILA Black Lava Salt
ILA Wildflower Honey ILA Wildflower Honey
ILA Olive Oil - Small ILA Olive Oil - Small
ILA Olive Oil - Large ILA Olive Oil - Large
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Inspired by the beauty of a shared meal, our ILA Collection is a must-have for any kitchen. Curated by the creators of Brooklyn’s Sunday Suppers dinner series, this line of cooking essentials is sourced from farmers, purveyors and artisans around the world. Rich in tradition and history, each of these deliciously simple elements mixes in perfectly with almost any dish, with nearly endless uses. Cook and garnish with olive oil pressed from hand-picked Andalusian olives, sweeten up beverages or baked goods with honey harvested from the wildflower fields of New York’s Finger Lakes region and finish off your fare with stunning salts gathered from pure ocean waters and Peruvian salt mines. In minimal packaging that looks pretty sitting on any pantry shelf, these gorgeous ingredients are sure to spark your interest in gathering, cooking and celebrating the act of sharing a meal in your own home. Perfect for keeping your larder stocked, they’d also make a thoughtful gift to the home chef in your life, especially when paired with one of our beautiful cookbooks.

•hand-harvested in Peru
•flavor notes: complex and crisp
•benefits: rich in trace minerals, including iron, calcium and magnesium
•uses: finishing salt for salads, vegetables, meat and fish
•clear glass jar
•2 oz.

•carefully harvested in Guerande, France
•flavor notes: fine, earthy
•benefits: mineral rich
•uses: finishing salt for fish, cheese, vegetables and chocolate
•clear glass jar
•1.5 oz.

•naturally harvested from solar evaporation in Sonoma, California
•flavor notes: soft, pure, crisp
•uses: everyday cooking and baking
•clear glass jar
•35 oz.

•hand-harvested from the waters surrounding Molokai, Hawaii following traditional methods
•flavor notes: smoky, crisp and bold
•benefits: unrefined, detoxifying and aids in digestion
•uses: garnshing salt with eggs, fish, meats and vegetables
•black glass jar
•6.5 oz

•harvested from wildflower fields in the Finger Lakes region of New York
•flavor notes: sweet, robust, floral
•benefits: medicinal, anti-bacterial, aids in allergy relief
•uses: baking, natural sweetener for beverages
•black glass jar
•10 oz.

•small: black glass bottle, 6.5 oz.
•large: clear glass bottle, 15 oz.
•pressed from hand-picked Andalusia olives in Cordoba, Spain
•flavor notes: warm, fruitty, nutty
•benefits: rich in anti-oxidants and omega-3 acids
•uses: cooking and serving
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