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"On my travels to India, I’ve had the good fortune of experiencing Ayurveda— a centuries-old science that uses powerful botanical remedies to heal both the body and the spirit. And every time, I’m left in awe. UMA’s beautiful wellness oils are the perfect way to continue this ancient practice here at home. I’ve chosen their Pure Calm and Pure Energy Wellness Oils for my collection, as I’m pretty sure we could all use a boost in both— especially during the holidays! I’ve also included their Trial Kit, which features Calm, Energy, Bliss, Rest and Gorgeous for Good. Just trust me— you’ll be amazed what a few drops can do!" - Caroline

•glass bottle with dropper
•100% organic oils made from botanicals grown and harvested in india
•to use, massage 4-5 drop on bottoms of feet, pulse points, temples, behind the ears, or between toes
•can also be used with aromatherapy diffusers or added to bath water

Pure Calm and Pure Energy:
•1.75" diameter x 4.5"H
•1 oz.

Starter Kit:
•6"W x 3"D x .75"H
•sample bottles: .5" diameter x 2"H
•blend of roman chamomile, grounding vetiver and lavender essential oils
•naturally alleviates tension and reduces feelings of stress

•blend of invigorating rosemary and stimulating peppermint essential oils
•increases feelings of alertness and focus while combatting mental and physical exhaustion
•can be used as a healthy alternative to caffeine

•set of five
•glass bottles with droppers
•includes pure calm, pure energy, pure bliss, pure rest and gorgeous for good

  • Pure Calm Wellness Oil Pure Calm Wellness Oil / $85.00 Quantity:
  • Pure Energy Wellness Oil Pure Energy Wellness Oil / $85.00 Quantity:
  • Wellness Oil Starter Kit Wellness Oil Starter Kit / $45.00 Quantity:
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