Nasomatto Fragrances


"If you’re into being memorable, mysterious and tres cool, Nasomatto’s intoxicating fragrances are for you. Created in Amsterdam by the genius perfumer Alessandro Gualtieri, these scents have a reputation for being unlike anything else— a reputation that I can say from experience is very well deserved. Each one is super special and bliss inducing in its own way. Perfect for anyone who loves floral with a little edge, Narcotic V is enigmatic and wearable for both day and night. Baraonda, on the other hand, has a rather masculine feel that I adore— a bottled-up version of sitting by a fire with an old book and a warm glass of whiskey. But my all time fave is Black Afgano. Bewitching, unforgettable and truly unisex, it evokes the best quality of hashish and has been my “signature scent” for years now. Trust me— on a scale from one to ten, this is an eleven." - Caroline

•unisex fragrances

•1.5"W x 1.5"D x 4.5"H
•1 oz.
NARCOTIC V: sensual tuberose with hints of jasmine, lily and musk

BLACK AFGANO: hashish and oud with smoky, resinous undertones

BARAONDA: notes of rum, vanilla and amber


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