Compagnie de Provence Hand Creams

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Pairing raw materials with beautiful, singular scents, our Compagnie de Provence Collection draws inspiration from centuries of soap-making. These luxe lotions come to us from the historic city of Marseille, home of the iconic Marseille soap. A modern, updated take on this six-hundred-year-old favorite, the the super-smooth, hydrating hand cream enriches a blend of natural olive, grape seed and sweet almond oils with honey. Unlike their unscented ancestor, however, this stunning collection features eight gorgeous fragrances, each inspired by the south of France. Choose your favorite and bring a piece of Provence into your home.

•3.4 fl. oz.
•enriched with honey and a blend of sweet almond, olive and grape seed oils from Provence

•7" long
•box: 2" x 1.5" x 7.25"
FRESH VERBENA: notes of fresh, lemony verbena and citrus fruits mixed with hints of patchouli and sweet jasmine blossoms

COTTON FLOWER: cotton flower mixed with delicate notes of jasmine, rose and violet blooms and a hint of heady white musk

ORANGE BLOSSOM: sweet orange blossoms blended with notes of citrus, neroli, jasmine and freesia flowers and heady musk

FIG OF PROVENCE: sweet scents of fig combined with notes of anise and hyacinth blossoms and hint of warm cedar, vanilla and benzoin

LAVENDER: calming scents of lavender mingle with notes of bright citrus, olive, rosemary sprigs and fresh eucalyptus

MINT TEA: fresh scents of mint and tea leaves mixed with notes of citrus, sweet rose and heliotrope blossoms and heady musk

OLIVE WOOD: notes of cypress, cedar and fresh eucalyptus mixed with vetiver, bergamot and spiced cardamom and hints of warm sandalwood and musk

SHEA BUTTER: soothing blend of delicate white flowers and sweet musk

  • Fresh Verbena Cream Fresh Verbena Cream / $25.00 Quantity:
  • Cotton Flower Cream Cotton Flower Cream / $25.00 Quantity:
  • Orange Blossom Cream Orange Blossom Cream / $25.00 Quantity:
  • Fig of Provence Cream Fig of Provence Cream / $25.00 Quantity:
  • Lavender Cream Lavender Cream / $25.00 Quantity:
  • Mint Tea Cream Mint Tea Cream / $25.00 Quantity:
  • Olive Wood Cream Olive Wood Cream / $25.00 Quantity:
  • Shea Butter Cream Shea Butter Cream / $26.00 Quantity:
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