Mondo Mondo Eau de Parfum Collection


"I have a not-so-secret scent obsession that has me on a constant hunt for the most hypnotic and unique fragrances out there. Mondo Mondo’s unforgettable perfumes have definitely made my list of favorites, so I just had to bring a few to my collection. Doll is like Paris in a bottle— more specifically, the Parisian cool-girls. Florally with hints of saffron and musk, it’s not afraid to say out loud, “I am wearing perfume, I am strong and I am sexy.” Cowboy, on the other hand, is the alter-ego of Doll. It totally reminds me of fresh-mown hay, clean air and sunset. And then there’s Summer + Smoke, which transports me to a bonfire at the beach. Not for the faint of heart, it packs a memorable punch— perfect for both boys and girls in the summer, fall, winter and spring." - Caroline

Eau de Parfum Oils:
•.75" diameter x 5"H
•.33 oz
•alcohol base with fragrance oils
•glass bottle with roll-on ball

Eau de Parfum:
•1.75"W x 1"D x 5"H
•1.69 oz
•alcohol base with fragrance oils
•glass bottle
DOLL: bulgarian rose, rose de mai, saffron, musk

COWBOY: honeysuckle, grass, earth, tobacco, leather, coffee, Texan cedarwood, cypress

SUMMER + SMOKE: sweet grass, myrrh, incense, cedarwood, roman chamomile, lavender absolute, immortelle, coconut, clary sage


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