Greece: The Cookbook

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Greece: The Cookbook is the ultimate compilation of Greek recipes from the trusted authority on the country's cuisine, Vefa Alexiadou. Often hailed as the mother of all Mediterranean food, Greek cooking focuses on using fresh, natural ingredients. Greece: The Cookbook collects over 100 recipes that are healthy, delicious and easy to prepare, from simple salads to simmered meat dishes— many of which date back to the dawn of Western civilization. More than just a cookbook, Alexiadou also shares some of her home country's gastronomic history, highlighting the rich cultural and religious significances behind certain dishes as well as the ways both past events and terrains have influenced different regions. In addition to the many ageless dishes Alexiadou has rounded up, this book also includes menus from celebrated chefs worldwide who put modern twists on Greek classics. With 230 stunning photographs depicting both the country's beautiful landscapes and mouthwatering dishes, Greece: The Cookbook is sure to inspire you to try your hand at some of these timeless recipes.


•7.5"W x 2"D x 11"H
•by Vefa Aleixadou
•photographs by Edward Park
•704 pages
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