Good Luck Charms

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Know someone who could use some well wishes? Our Good Luck Charms are the perfect way to let them know they're on your mind. Crafted from smooth beech wood, these charming talismans are simple in design, but with a clever twist. An elastic cord attaches the petals of our Clover and runs through the center of our Feather, allowing them to stretch apart, while inlaid magnets connect the pieces of our Wishbone, meaning you can make your wish and "break" it again and again. As universal symbols for good fortune, prosperity and hope, our Good Luck Charms make great New Year's favors or meaningful gifts to the recent grad, the new homeowners or anyone entering a new stage in life.

•beech wood

•wishbone: 2.75"W x .25"D x 4.75"H
•feather: 1.75"W x .25"D x 7"H
•clover: 2.25"W x .25"D x 3"H
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