Map: Exploring the World

Map: Exploring the World is a collection of over three hundred visually stunning maps from around the globe and across the ages. From a carved clay tablet etched with a map of prehistoric Babylon to intricate illustrations penned by history's famed cartographers to cutting edge digital charts, this compendium reflects the many ways and reasons people find to make maps. Uniquely displayed in both contrasting and complementary pairs, each map is accompanied by a description, which sheds light on its cultural or historical significance.These charts are also contextualized by a "Timeline of Cartography" and a "Timeline of World History." Flip through stunning star charts, hand drawn lithographs and clever maps that provide political commentary and see how beautiful and innovative our attempts at making sense of the world can be.
•10.25"W x 1.5"D x 11.75"H
•compiled by phaidon editors
•400 illustrations
•352 pages

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