Don't Be a Tourist in Paris

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Trip to Paris on the horizon? Steer clear of the tourist traps and wander the City of Light like a local with the help of this off-beat travel guide. Don’t Be a Tourist in Paris is full of famed blogger and Francophile Vanessa “Nessy” Grall’s top tips for exploring the true heart of her adopted home. Organized by activity into ten helpful chapters, this handbook offers suggestions on everything from where to grab a bite on a budget to the best places to visit when nursing a broken heart and everything in between. Need a recommendation on the go? Check the “What’s Near Me” Index or browse Nessy’s shortcut answers to commonly asked questions and find whatever hidden gem is nearby. From historic haunts to creative finds that may even surprise lifelong locals, let this charming book help you plan your next cliché-free adventure. Bon voyage!


•6.5"W x 1"D x 9"H "•by Vanessa Grall
•various photographers
•256 pages
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