Vetiver Baskets

Despite all the ways that life has slowed down lately, it seems like this summer has slipped by faster than ever. That means it’s time to make the most of it and soak up the last of the season in whatever (safe and socially distant) ways we can. And since that probably involves a little more staying home than usual, we’ll be looking for creative ways to bring the outdoors in — like our Vetiver Baskets.

True pieces of nature, these one-of-a-kind beauties come to us from Madagascar, where each one was handmade by local craft families from sturdy dried vetiver roots.


As any fragrance fan knows, vetiver is a longtime favorite of the perfume world, prized for its fresh, woody accords and calming effects since ancient times. But in the wild, it’s also something of a miracle plant. Native to tropical regions around the world, this dense, highly sustainable grass is an essential part of its ecosystem, protecting its fellow flora from pests above ground, while also playing an important part in land stabilization thanks to its intricate web of deep, strong roots.


Originally harvested for their essential oils, we love how this sturdy fiber has been reimagined to create these organic-chic vessels. And the best part? They still give off subtle hints of that complex, earthy scent.

Great on their own or as a nest for your trinkets, they’re the perfect way to bring a little nature to your space when you need it most.