Teak Root Tables

A recent buying trip to the (aptly named) Far East included a stopover in Indonesia to shop the famed bazaars of Jakarta. We knew we'd find the wax-resist batiks we had fallen in love with from (far) afar, but we weren't sure what else this trip might turn up. Sure enough, we found ourselves in a sea of beautiful batiks but we were just as ecstatic when we discovered these extraordinary and truly unique Teak Root Tables in Indonesia’s capital city.


Their organic forms are a by-product of managed, sustainable harvesting on Java’s teak plantations. The root is painstakingly unearthed instead of being abandoned underground, which we just love. With an unparalleled level of craftsmanship, artisans then fashion these roots into tables by carving, sanding and polishing the surface only, leaving the gnarled structure intact. We were able to hand-pick each of our coffee tables and consoles based on its distinctive characteristics, bringing home the best of the best.


Our Teak Root Tables are functional, one-of-a-kind statement makers. They're an obvious choice for a relaxed beach house, yet equally suited to a strictly modern space given their bold sculptural shapes. Since they're weather resistant, the tables are perfect for outdoor use on decks and patios too, acquiring a silvery grey patina over time. It turns out that when you don't know what you're going to find, you can't help but find something unexpected.