Selenite Fireplace Logs

As dusk turns to night earlier and earlier, there are few things we love more than a crackling fire at home -- but when you're stuck with a cold fireplace, we found just the thing to make it cool. Forget buying a cord of wood and instead invest in a bundle of our Selenite Fireplace Logs.


Selenite, named for Selena, the Greek Goddess of the Moon is literally translated as moonstone or moon rock. That makes perfect sense to us since our milky white Selenite Fireplace Logs are positively luminous. These icy, translucent crystalline forms are mined in small batches in North Africa and are hand-hewn to reflect light.


They’ll add a sculptural element to a non-working fireplace or a nice change-up in the off season. Remove the manila rope carrier for a sleek presentation or leave it on as an iconic homage to a rustic bundle of firewood. Our set of three includes the perfect mix of three sizes.