Piecework Puzzles

‘Tis the season for staying home. But even social distancing has a silver lining — more time for indoor activities. And our favorite way to zone out in these crazy times? Our Piecework Puzzles.

Take it from us — there’s something so uniquely gratifying about solving a puzzle piece by piece. But Piecework takes it to the next level, pairing this classic rainy day pastime with fresh artwork.


Founded by two puzzle loving designers, this indie brand creates jigsaws that are just as stunning to look at as they are satisfying to complete. Crafted from recycled cardboard, each one features a lush still life scene that’s worthy of spreading out on even the most sophisticated of coffee tables and way more Instagram-able than that quaint thousand-piecer you probably have collecting dust somewhere.


We added our two favorites to our Spring Collection — the richly saturated Forbidden Fruits and the dazzling, super chic Disco Queen. Grab one to solve on your own or gather your quarantine crew for some old-school indoor fun. It’s the perfect way to make the most of staying in while keeping your mind blissfully occupied — something we could probably all use right now.