Milo Teak Tables

When asked to describe our style, it's hard to give a straight answer. When you look at what we love most -- and the way we put it together -- it's clear we're attracted to opposites. That explains why we're so drawn to our Milo Teak Root Tables. With these chic and sturdy tables, organic free form shapes meet the clean hard lines of modernism.


Most makers use the part of the tree that's above ground when building fine furniture. Not with Milo. Here, the entire teak root system is painstakingly excavated from the ground, preserving every nook and cranny. The root is then sliced and formed into the modern quadrilateral shape. Finally, Javanese artisans hand carve root “puzzle pieces” to insert in the negative spaces and create the perfect fit.


Turn the Milo Coffee Table on its long side and it becomes a topography-rich console, while the cubes perform double duty as end tables and stools. In this collection, each piece is unique. Very, very unique.