Matte Black Root Consoles

Good news, summer is (basically) here! If you’re anything like us, seeing things in full bloom outside has you feeling inspired to bring a bit of nature indoors however you can. Sure, a vase full of florals might do the trick — but why not go full earthy-chic with one of our Matte Black Root Consoles?

The perfect mash-up of natural and modern, these stunning tables are actually a by-product of Indonesia’s teak wood industry. Rather than being left to rot underground, the intricate root systems of harvested trees are instead carefully excavated — a painstaking process that pays off in the form of these one-of-a-kind pieces.


We’ve had our fair share of root tables before, but what really sets these apart is their striking finish. Borrowing from centuries-old wood burning techniques, each table is coated with several layers of a shellac and squid ink (yes, squid ink!) mixture, which is charred before drying to create the deepest matte black hue.


With this distinctive color and their almost sculptural, free-form shapes, these unique tables are sure to make a statement wherever they go. The perfect way to get in touch with nature, take one home for an instant pop of drama and organic beauty.