Maren & Terrene Pendants

Life has felt pretty serious lately — so when it comes to interiors, we’re keeping things light wherever we can. And the best way to add a bit of casual without sacrificing chic? Our wonderfully unfussy Terrene and Maren Pendants.

Simple in design yet dramatic in scale, these understated statement-makers are an homage to the iconic Noguchi light, which itself is deeply rooted in Japanese tradition.

The story starts way back in the 11th century, when Japanese artisans began crafting chochin lanterns from bent bamboo rods and thin sheets of rice paper. A mainstay of the country’s culture for centuries, these lanterns served a myriad of purposes, from illuminating the exteriors of inns and restaurants to decorating festivals and lighting the way for night fishermen on the bows of boats.


It wasn’t until the early 1950s that their popularity finally began to wane — and that’s when Japanese-American sculptor Isamu Noguchi entered the picture. He fell in love with their simple designs while passing through the town of Gifu (a major producer of chochin lanterns) and set out to bring this timeless piece of tradition into the 20th century. After learning from Gifu’s skilled craftspeople, he reinvented the chochin lantern for the modern world, eschewing any color or embellishments for a fresh, minimal feel and replacing the customary candle with a lightbulb.


Noguchi’s updated lantern sparked a worldwide trend, which eventually inspired the creation of our ethereal Maren and Terrene Pendants. Handmade in Bali, these build on his original design, but instead swap out the delicate rice paper for more durable linen or jute. Instantly struck by their airy yet elegant aesthetic, we collaborated with their designer to create the perfect collection of strikingly sizable spheres and delightfully slouchy ovals in soft, neutral hues.

With their effortless, floaty feel, they’re the perfect finishing touch for almost any room, whether hung solo or in multiples for an instant installation. Shop them all and find the one for your space.