Azilal Rugs

Cool weather is officially here, which means we’re officially on the hunt for warm layers. And the best way to make any space a little cozier? Our vintage (yet surprisingly modern) Azilal Rugs.

Anyone who knows their global textiles will notice that these plush beauties bear a striking resemblance to the classic Beni Ourain Rugs. The two do have a lot in common — both come to us from Morocco’s Atlas Mountains, where they’ve been crafted for centuries by the women of the Berber tribe. And both are handwoven using raw sheep’s wool, giving them that shaggy, high-pile feel that we can’t get enough of.


But the difference is all in the details. Beni Ourains keep things subtle, using natural henna or almond leaf dyes to create minimal, grid-like patterns in black or dark brown. Azilals, on the other hand, are known for shaking things up both design and color-wise. Anything but simple, they’re decorated with intricate, abstract motifs, often incorporating traditional Berber symbols to tell the story of their maker.

Some stick to that muted neutral palette but in more lively (and remarkably chic) organic patterns, while others use wool dyed with regional flora or minerals to create bright, playful color combinations.


As if these delightfully unpredictable designs weren’t enough to love, they're also one of Morocco’s best kept secrets. While Benis were often produced to be sold, Azilals were made only for home use, leaving them relatively unknown to the Western design world until recent years and giving them a rare, one-of-a-kind appeal.

After searching through stacks and stacks of rugs, we hand-picked the best of the best to bring back home. Take a look at what we found and discover your own perfect winter layer — if you can choose a favorite!