Astier de Villatte Candles

How could we not love Astier de Villatte’s sublime candles? Inspired by places the creators visited around the world – from Algiers to Alcatraz – and some they only fantasized about, they started in one of our favorite destinations, the City of Light. Located on the ultra-chic rue Saint-Honore in Paris is the eponymous boutique Astier de Villatte, for which the candles were developed in cooperation with the formidable French perfumer Françoise Caron.


Par exemple, the fragrance Delhi, redolent of betel, musk and myrrh, conjures up the spicy heart of the old town and narrow back streets that is unlike any other place in the world. One of our favorites for Spring, Mantes-La-Jolie, is reminiscent of the French village market with the freshness of eucalyptus, crunchy green stems and fresh herbs.


The packaging is as handsome as the fragrances are heady, making them the perfect gift. A block printed drawing representing the destination is accompanied by a charming description of the locale and its essences. Available in eleven fragrances. Where to first?