Artist's Block Set

We've all heard of writer's block, but doesn't everyone get a little stuck from time to time? Sometimes all you need is a little inspiration to get your mind working again. Enter our Artist’s Block Set. This set of twelve pleasing geometric shapes has been crafted from smooth black resin with white edging. The striking design was inspired by a fascinating large scale set we once saw at a French flea market.


While the originals stood a few feet high, we’ve scaled our version down to the perfect size for displaying on a tabletop. Keep a set on your desktop for whenever you need to get those creative juices flowing or gift them to a friend who might be in need of some mental stimulation once in awhile. They’d be great on the coffee table as an interesting conversation piece that also brings out the artist in you and your guests.


Don’t want to leave them scattered? These blocks come in a hand-stamped muslin bag to keep them organized. Or why not make a more permanent installation? Just about any arrangement of these shapes, contained in a simple glass cloche, could add a little interest to your mantle. We all find ourselves in need of a little mental nudge sometimes, so let our Artist’s Block Set be the thing to inspire you.