Mourad Collection


Our Mourad Collection of distinctive green ceramics comes from the village of Tamegroute in the Zagora region of Morocco. The clay is dug from local river banks, thrown by hand and fired in kilns built into steep slopes. Oxidized copper produces the characteristic green glaze. Our Mourad Candlestick, Vase, and Vase with Handles are great home accessories when your decor needs a colorful, organic pop. While the vases are not watertight, a glass vase liner allows you to use them with fresh flowers. We also suggest that the wider mouth Mourad Vase could be used as a wine holder for a festive dinner party.

•hand made ceramic
•distinctive green and brown glaze made from magnesium and copper
•from tamegroute, in the zagora region of morocco
•irregularities and imperfections are to be expected
•truly one-of-a-kind
•sizes vary
•not watertight

•candlestick: approximately 4" diameter x 13"H
•vase: approximately 4.5" diameter x 9"H
•vase with handles: approximately 7.5"W x 6.5"D x 10.5"H


We are currently sold out of this item but we may be able to source or manufacture another for you.  Please contact us at info@jaysonhome.com or call     1-800-472-1885.