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We rarely go on a buying trip with a shopping list. (Yes, we do know this is the best job on earth.) We follow our instincts and take more of a “we know it when we see it” approach to choosing our wares. And, if we’re being honest, we usually have no idea what that “it” might be. The exception? When heading off to Northern Africa last year, we knew for certain that we’d be returning with Moroccan Poufs. Simple and so useful, bringing these home was not so much a plan as a no-brainer.

What we weren’t ready for is just how many choices we’d be faced with. (No one said this job was easy.) But after searching the souks for the highest quality leathers and the most inspired designs, we were finally able to hone in on a few favorites. We commissioned a collection of our own to bring back, custom dyed in bold colors with hand-tooled details. Proof that there’s nothing like the real thing, each one was handmade by skilled craftspeople and finished with traditional hand stitched patterns. Once back in the states, we filled these artisan-made covers with good old-fashioned bean bag beads for an extra comfortable cushion that won’t lose its shape.

So much for narrowing it down — we’re still having trouble choosing a favorite, although if we had to, our vibrant, gilt-stamped Sarma Collection might be the winner. From super-saturated hues to subtle neutrals, there’s one for every space, whether you want to go full-on bohemian or add just a hint of that well-traveled feel. Lightweight enough to move around for extra seating but sturdy enough to stand up to years of foot-resting and fort-building, it’s easy to see why these age-old classics are still a design staple today. The only hard part is settling on your pick.

  1. Sarma Poufs
    Sarma Poufs

    Starting at $150.00

  2. Sarma Pouf - Orange
    Sarma Pouf - Orange
    $295 $150
    $295 $150
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