Warm weather is finally here and we can’t stop thinking about all the things that come with it — lazy days by the pool and concerts in the park. This year we’re ditching the picnic blanket and instead we’re bringing one of our Kapok Bedrolls along on all of our adventures. 
This collection comes to us from a Paris-based home linen company, founded by a Guinean and Finnish husband and wife team. Updating centuries-old West African traditions with Scandinavian designs, the duo has created a line of beautiful textiles that strike the perfect balance between authentically global and effortlessly chic.
While we immediately fell in love with their designs, we soon learned that the look is only part of the appeal. Like all of the company’s products, our Kapok Bedrolls are handmade from start to finish in a workshop in Guinea that strives to employ local craftspeople while preserving time-honored weaving and dying methods.
Skilled artisans begin by hand spinning locally grown cotton, which is woven on traditional looms. Using native indigo plants from the Guinea highlands, the fabric is dyed in five pleasing Parisian-inspired patterns, from a soft, soothing grey to navy and cream stripes. Following customary methods, these cushion covers are filled with natural Kapok fibers, which come from seed pods that are hand picked from local Kapok trees. Prized for its silken texture, this hypoallergenic fiber makes for a thin but surprisingly plush cushion that will only get softer with time, as remaining seeds and fragments of pods continue to break down.
The result is a cool, lightweight cushion that's perfect for a nap next to the pool, a balmy evening on the patio or a night stargazing on the beach. They’re also lovely anywhere in the house, all year round. Drape a Kapok Bedroll over the sofa, add one to the foot of the bed or use it as a pillow for one very lucky dog. Can’t choose just one of these happy patterns? How about layering a mix of stripes on a rustic bench or sofa for a creative cushion with a relaxed feel? 

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