Afua Rok Notebooks

Afua Rok Notebooks
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Afua Rok Notebooks

Blame it on all the back-to-school talk, but there’s something about this time of year that always puts us in the mood for some cool supplies. And the number one thing we’ve got our eye on? Our very own vibrant Afua Rok Notebooks.

So much more than your standard composition books, these journals are truly a global collaboration. Each one is handmade in London using a one-of-a-kind piece of authentic Ankara fabric — a traditional wax resist textile that is almost synonymous with sub-Saharan Africa.

But the story doesn’t start there. Also known as Holland wax print, Ankara actually has roots in batik textiles. A process nearly as old as history itself, this ancient technique uses wax, starch or mud to block out dyes, creating the most intricately beautiful patterns.

Practiced in a number of cultures around the world, batik was perfected in Indonesia, where it was eventually introduced to 19th century Dutch colonizers. These travelers brought it across the ocean to Ghana, where local artisans put their own spin on the process, incorporating bright, vivid hues and tribal-inspired patterns to create something all their own — Ankara.

We just can’t get over how unexpectedly brilliant these fabrics are as book covers. We settled on three standout prints for our exclusive collection — one in a subtle, earthy palette and two in bold color combos, which add the perfect touch of contrast to their leafy motifs.

Find your favorite and bring a global-chic pop of inspiration to your work.

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    Afua Rok Notebooks

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