African Beaded Chairs

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African Beaded Chairs

Some things never go out of style. While we’d count African design as one of those ever-enduring classics, that’s not stopping it from having a full-on (and much-deserved) moment right now. And the best way to embrace the trend? Our reigning favorite find from the mother continent— our African Beaded Chairs.

Coming to us from Nigeria, these beauties are fit for royalty— literally. Customarily crafted as thrones for West African kings and queens, each one is made using a mind-boggling number of glass seed beads. A symbol of tribal unity and solidarity when stitched together, each of these tiny beads are carefully hand-sewn onto canvas panels to create unique patterns that are rich in meaning— a painstaking process that can take up to three months to complete. Once finished, these embellished fabrics are fastened to a simple willow wood frame for a final product that is equal parts a functional piece of furniture and a one-of-a-kind work of art.

While the more traditional designs we came across were just as gorgeous, we decided to have them made with a more modern feel. Choose from vibrant orange with bold, large-scale details or monochromatic white with a mesmerizing geometric motif.

Stunning to look at and surprisingly comfortable to sit in, we love how they mix that world-traveler vibe with just the right amount of unexpected elegance. While a pair could make a clever tribute to their regal roots, to be honest, all you really need is one.

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