Buyer's Picks

our buyers: devin kirk + caroline scheeler

Buyer's Picks

Our eclectic collection of wares doesn’t just come together on its own. It’s all thanks to the combined talents of Caroline Scheeler and Devin Kirk. With years of experience and thousands of frequent flyer miles under their belts, this duo travels the world to bring the most inspired furnishings and accessories back to Jayson Home.

buyer caroline scheeler

Caroline Scheeler

Part bowerbird, part gypsy at heart, scouring the globe in search of inspired merchandise comes naturally to Caroline. With a well-rounded list of influences and strong hunter-gatherer instincts, she’s been shaping Jayson Home’s soulful selection of furniture and accessories for over two decades.

buyer devin kirk

Devin Kirk

Design-obsessed with an eye for the uncommon, Devin is all about following his instincts. For the past fifteen years, his go-with-your-gut sense of style has sent him to every corner of the earth in search of one-of-a-kind wares to bring back to Jayson Home.

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