Artists: Their Lives and Works

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From Donatello to Degas to Dali, Artists: Their Lives and Works explores the fascinating lives of over eighty celebrated painters and sculptors from across the ages. Beginning with the early Renaissance and going all the way to the present day, Artists follows the twists and turns in the lives of the makers behind the masterpieces, revealing how everything from friendships, loves and rivalries to wars, religion and patrons played a part in each individual's work. Divided into seven chapters, each focusing on a different era, this book sets these visionaries and their works in the historical context of their times. With insightful commentary and expert analysis from art historians, paired with portraits and photographs of the creators themselves and stunning examples of the famed works that turned them into legends, uncover the unconventional tales behind these beloved artists. Perfect for gifting to the artist or history buff in your life.


•10.25"W x 1"D x 12"H
•by DK editors
•foreward by Ross King
•360 pages
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