An Anthology of Decorated Papers

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From food wrappers to playing card backs to the covers and endpapers of books, decorated papers have been used for centuries in countless places. And yet, for all the everyday contexts where they can be found, they have gone largely unnoticed— until now. Featuring gorgeous reproductions of over two hundred ornamented sheets, An Anthology of Decorated Papers shines a light on this often overlooked art form. Drawing from the British Library’s Olga Hirsch collection, this remarkable book presents a diverse compilation of beautiful pages from around the world and across the ages, paired with illuminating text that details the techniques, traditions and history behind them. With six chapters devoted to the major decorating techniques, flip through page after page of swirling, hand-drawn marbleized motifs, charming block-printed patterns and everything in between. Sure to delight and inspire both designers and bibliophiles alike, this fascinating tome is a must-have for anyone with a love for decoration.


•9.5"W x 1"D x 12"H
•by P.J.M. Marks
•illustrated with reproduced images from the British Library
•256 pages
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