African Kuba Cloth

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We love textiles — especially textiles that are rich in history and meaning, like our African Kuba Cloth. A centuries-old West African custom, this fabric is crafted by the Kuba people in what is now the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Also known as raffia cloth, this traditional textile is woven from the fibers of raffia palm trees by the men of the tribe. Once the fabric is complete, the women decorate it with intricate hand-stitched geometric motifs that are rich in symbolism. Our African Kuba Cloth is pieced together from fabric squares to create a pattern of black and white zig zags and rust-colored stripes. Filled with cultural significance and meaning, we love it as a global layer or wall hanging. Handmade from start to finish, this textile is completely unique.

•173" x 28.5"
•woven raffia palm fibers
•natural dyes
•hand-stitched embroidery
•made in the democratic republic of the congo by the kuba people
•one of a kind
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