Maison Louis Marie Floral Candles

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The Dryorkis Antidris Thouars Orchid is just one of a few thousand specimens discovered and named by French nobleman and botanist Louis Marie Aubert du Petit Thouars while he was exiled during the French Revolution. A couple centuries later, Belgian candlemaker Marie du Petit Thouars is continuing her family's legacy with the Maison Louis Marie Antidris Candle Collection, inspired by her ancestor and this cultivar that he cataloged. Each of these intoxicating candles are crafted from a soy wax blend and are carefully scented with unique floral fragrances. As a nod to their strong botanical pedigree, each candle is poured into a simple glass jar, printed with a delicate drawing of their namesake orchid. Choose from three enchanting scents.

•3.25" diameter x 3.5"H
•8.5 oz
•approximately 60 hour burn time
•soy wax blend
•glass jar printed with orchid image
•cotton wick
CASSIS: cassis, bergamot, black pepper, white rose, oakmoss, musk, tonka

LAVENDER: fennel, eucalyptus, lavender, vanilla, amber stone, vetiver grass, patchouli

JASMINE: italian orange, jasmine, tuberose, white musk, oakmoss

  • Antidris Cassis Candle Antidris Cassis Candle / $34.00 Quantity:
  • Antidris Lavender Candle Antidris Lavender Candle / $34.00 Quantity:
  • Antidris Jasmine Candle Antidris Jasmine Candle / $34.00 Quantity:
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