Commune de Paris Candle

Parisian candlemaker Astier de Villatte has joined forces with men's clothing store Commune de Paris to create the limited edition Commune de Paris Candle. It features warm, sweet and slightly powdery aromas, meant to evoke the cobblestone streets of Paris with notes of Styrax resin, spiced nutmeg and green almonds from Coumarin. Like all of their luxury candles, it's hand crafted from natural vegetable wax and carefully scented with pure soy oil. It's then hand poured into a red, blue and white keepsake jar as a nod to the French Tricolore, then finished with the iconic Astier de Villatte label. Perfect for gifting to the Francophile in your life.

•3.5" diameter x 4"H
•9.17 oz
•60 hour burn time
•vegetable wax
•cotton wick
•ceramic jar in red, white and blue
•attractive packaging printed with an ink drawing of the world map
•notes of styrax resin, spiced nutmeg and green almonds

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