Surf Shack

Surf Shack opens the doors to twenty-six coastal homes around the globe that echo the laid-back lifestyles of their wave-riding inhabitants. From Japan to Australia to the sunny California coast, take a peek inside the lives of both dedicated beginners and seasoned aficionados alike and the bungalows, brownstones, trailers and cabins that serve as their break from the waves. While they may be wildly different in location and style, each of these stunning homes eschew any effort to be picture-perfect, instead embracing the relaxed, authentic vibe that seems to be synonymous with surfing. Captured in vibrant photographs, these beautiful beachside abodes will inspire you to create a living space that reflects the things you love, whatever they may be.
•8.25"W x 1.25"D x 11.25"H
•by Nina Freudenberger with Heather Summerville
•photographs by Brittany Ambridge
•272 pages

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