Black: Architecture in Monochrome

Black: Architecture in Monochrome explores the long history and global reach of black in the built world. From canal houses to chapels to tar-covered cottages, as well as libraries, barns and sleek skyscrapers, this book features stunning photographs of over 150 black monochrome structures from the last millennium, uniquely displayed in contrasting pairs. An accompanying description examines the role of black in each building's design, whether it be symbolic meaning, a practical way to weatherproof or simply a bold aesthetic choice. Flip through traditional Portuguese lava stone houses, a rural Norwegian church dating back to the 12th century and stark modern constructions from contemporary architects and discover all the beautiful and often dramatic ways black has been used in buildings throughout the ages.
•10.25"W x 1"D x 11.75"H
•compiled by phaidon editors
•introduction by Stella Paul
•175 illustrations
•224 pages

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