Before They Pass Away

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Follow explorer and photographer Jimmy Nelson as he meets and records shrinking cultures around the world in Before They Pass Away. An homage to thirty-five almost-forgotten societies, this stunning volume showcases the pure beauty of each ethnic group and its distinctive ways, from the Mursi tribe of Ethiopia to the Gauchos nomads of Argentina to New Zealand’s Maori people. This important historical record features page after page of exquisite color photographs, which capture age-old customary practices and artifacts, as well as breathtaking portraits, often set against some the earth’s most pristine landscapes. Divided into sections by tribe, you’ll also find fascinating introductory pages that detail each group’s origins, traditions, beliefs, and daily life. A must-have for any photography enthusiast, it’s a beautiful and unique look at the variety of human experiences around the world and across the ages.


•10.25"W x 1.25"D x 12.75"H
•text and photography by Jimmy Nelson
•introductions and text by Mark Blaisse
•afterword by Jimmy Nelson
•printed in English and German
•304 pages
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