Anni Albers: Notebook

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Textile artist, designer, printmaker and original Bauhaus member Anni Albers left behind very few traces of her creative process— aside from a single graph paper composition book, filled with a decade’s worth of drafts and ideas for future projects. Anni Albers: Notebook is a stunning facsimile of these sketches, offering a rare look at the way the artist went about creating her signature complex patterns. Inside, you’ll find page after page of intricate knots and maze-like geometric motifs, drawn mostly in graphite pencil with a few pops of red pen. Most drawings are dated, while some are even labeled, allowing them to be traced to some of the Albers’ finished works. An afterword from The Josef and Anni Albers Foundation’s Chief Curator illuminates the significance of these sketches and explores their roles in Albers’ development as an artist. A fascinating peek into an iconic creative mind, this book is sure to be a source of inspiration for makers of all mediums.


•8"W x .5"D x 10.25"H
•afterword by Brenda Danilowitz
•152 pages
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