A Wandering Eye

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For Miguel Flores-Vianna, few things beat the thrill of travel. Born with a love of books, an eye for beauty and a good dose of wanderlust, it’s no wonder that the interiors photographer now roams the globe, telling stories of his own through the lens of his camera. A Wandering Eye shares over two hundred of the lensman’s favorite images, shot all over Europe, Africa, Asia and the Americas. Flip through page after page of interior vignettes, architectural wonders, still lifes and lush flora, all taken only with his iPhone camera and originally posted to his delightful Instagram. Capturing things as Flores-Vianna feels they should be rather than as they are, each and every photo in this collection tells a story that creates a better version of the world. These images speak for themselves, although some are also accompanied by brief memories and anecdotes from the creative, which bring a sense of the wonder and discovery he felt when travelling there. Perfect for the photography-lover or globetrotter in your life, see the world through the eyes of Miguel Flores-Vianna with this inspiring tome.


•8.25"W x 1.25"D x 10.25"H
•text and photography by Miguel Flores-Vianna
•288 pages
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