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One Part Plant

Eat more plants. It’s advice that we all know we should be following, but that many of us find easier (and more delicious) to ignore. Blogger and podcaster Jessica Murnane spent much of her life doing just that until she was diagnosed with chronic and painful endometriosis that left her desperate for solutions. The most successful thing she tried? Revamping her eating habits into a plant-based diet. In One Part Plant, Murnane shares what she learned on her journey to eating whole, plant-based foods. Rather than a strict diet or lifestyle book, One Part Plant is a non-judgmental and practical guide to listening to your body and introducing plant-based meals into your life one dish at a time. Murnane shares over 100 simple, allergy-friendly and delicious recipes alongside mouthwatering color photographs, including everything from morning meals, dips, sides and spreads, soups and salads, main courses, desserts, and snacks and dips. Choose from vegetable-based takes on classic dishes, such as Creamy Mushroom Lasagna, or “gateway” dishes, like Herbs Fries, that will help picky eaters get on board with eating more plants, or unfamiliar flavors, like Middle Eastern-inspired Za’atar Swirl Bread. Whether you’re looking to overhaul your eating habits or simply wanting to add more vegetables to your diet, let One Part Plant’s playful take on tackling plant-based eating inspire you.
•7.75"W x .75"D x 9.5"H
•by Jessica Murnane
•"Letter to the Reader" by Lena Dunham
•photography by Nicole Franzen
•256 pages

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