Tatine Candles

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•2.5" diameter x 3.75"H
•6 oz.
•45 hour burn time
•soybean and beeswax
•100% cotton wicks
•heavyweight, vintage modern glassware made with 40% recycled materials
•woodgrain box with letterpress printing using vegetable based inks
•handmade in chicago
TABAC: orange honeyed pipe tobacco

FOREST FLOOR: wet dirt mingled with rain soaked ferns, damp wood, stems and green leaves

WOODSMOKE: cedar moss, fir balsam, elemi (a fragrant resin obtained from trees) smoky kindling, natural clove, and fir needle oil

PINE: a sweet forest aroma with both crisp and warm resinous and woody evergreen notes blended with balsam oil

TEMPLE OF LEAVES: a combination of smoky, woody and dry elements blended with hinoki, Japanese cypress and sustainably harvested sandalwood, evergreen, musk and patchouli with woody and camphoraceous notes that smell earthy and masculine

  • TABAC CANDLE TABAC CANDLE / $42.00 $29.00 Out of stock
  • Forest Floor Candle Forest Floor Candle / $42.00 $29.00 Quantity:
  • WOODSMOKE CANDLE WOODSMOKE CANDLE / $42.00 $29.00 Out of stock
  • Pine Candle Pine Candle / $42.00 $29.00 Out of stock
  • Temple of Leaves Candle Temple of Leaves Candle / $42.00 $29.00 Out of stock
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