Luke Stephenson: An Incomplete Dictionary of Show Birds

Luke Stephenson began his obsession photographing show birds quite innocently. He'd met an artist who took pictures of pigeons and was struck by the formal simplicity of the images and the exquisite detail of the plumage and anatomy of these avian creatures. Stephenson consequently began photographing and perfecting his art, eventually encountering the idiosyncratic world of bird fancying. Learning that he could turn this photographic hobby into a money-making venture, it made Luke all the more determined to pierce the inner-sanctum of this subculture. Checking ever more exotic bird breeds off his list became an end in itself. He has succeeded in creating affectionate portraits of his feathered subjects and a world often hidden from the mainstream.
•6"W x .25"D x 9"H
•by Luke Stephenson
•forward by Michael Smith
•60 full color plates
•80 pages

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