Vintage Hammam Bowls

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With their muted shine and stylized, hand-hammered patterns, our Vintage Hammam Bowls are perfect for bringing a subtle global feel to any space. These hand-selected bowls were once used in a traditional Moroccan bath house, or hammam, for pouring water over the body. Lovely all on their own, our Hammam Bowls are great in just about any room of the house, whether as a dish for candy or nuts or as a catch-all for keys or jewelry. We’re thinking of paying tribute to their original use and keeping them in the powder room for a pretty place to keep soaps or hand towels.

•brass plated aluminum
•hand-hammered design
•each is unique

•extra small: approximately 6" diameter x 1.75"H
•small: approximately 6.25" diameter x 2.5"H
•medium: approximately 7" diameter x 2.25"H
•large: approximately 8" diameter x 2.75"H

  • Vintage Hammam Bowl - Extra Small Vintage Hammam Bowl - Extra Small / $60.00 Out of stock
  • Vintage Hammam Bowl - Small Vintage Hammam Bowl - Small / $65.00 Quantity:
  • Vintage Hammam Bowl - Medium Vintage Hammam Bowl - Medium / $70.00 Quantity:
  • Vintage Hammam Bowl - Large Vintage Hammam Bowl - Large / $75.00 Out of stock
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